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Standardizing operations by systemizing business processes (Systems Thinking)

There is a NEW way of managing operations and thinking about process that leads to better results. The concept of standardizing operations by writing policies and procedures and distributing a corporate training manual that’s been around since 1887 doesn’t cut it anymore. To really achieve results we found that you must take a look at your company’s operations from a “Systems” View and see how people, processes, tasks, workflows all align and work together for success. “Systems Thinking” is what produces measureable improvements. 
The idea of systems thinking has been around for a long time, but unless you have a background in manufacturing you may not be familiar with it. We think it is best described by small business guru Michael Gerber in his book E-Myth.
“People don’t run businesses …Systems run businesses and people run systems. . . . If you have a good system anyone can follow it and get a good result every time.”
Although Gerber focuses primarily on small business, the benefits of Systems Thinking is proven in all size organizations. Everybody wants to be able to do things faster and better and be part of a World Class organization. But in order to get there and sustain success over the long haul, you’ve got to have the right structure, systems, and standards in place.
In subsequent posts, we explore what this means and how to apply it.